Pattern COSYNETTE (English version)

With this pattern you can sew the COSYNETTE bag. When you purchase this article you will receive the PDF files with the pattern pieces in all sizes (printable on A4/letter and on A0) and also the extremely extensive tutorial of 42 pages which is suitable even for beginners. This is a fully English version, whereby all measurements are provided in both metric and imperial units.

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The complete COSYNETTE Pattern: with tutorial and pattern parts for all three sizes and all options (available both in Metric and Imperial measurements).

The tutorial is extremely elaborate! With 9 pages of general info: about the pattern and the options, the supplies, the printing instructions for A4/letter and AO, with cutting instructions, interfacing instructions and general sewing instructions.  Then comes a detailed work description with photo tutorial of as many as 25 pages with 200 colour photos.  Followed by a work description in brief text of 8 pages. You can print this file on paper (A4/letter) or read it on your screen.

For the pattern parts you will receive 4 files.  There are three separate files for the pattern parts on A4/letter format: one for each size.  You choose your size and print the respective pattern pieces.  All pattern pieces are to scale, including seam allowances and all pattern pieces (including rectangles) are pre-drawn.  You can simply cut them out.  For the medium and large version you have some pattern pieces that consist of two pieces that you tape together.  There is also one file with the pattern pieces on A0 format.  This is a file on which all sizes are arranged on 1 sheet of A0 format. (You can have an A0 printed at a copy shop or online print service.) The pattern pieces are laying next to each other (no overlap). So you don’t need to trace them and you can just cut them out.

Important! Both the work description and the pattern parts are made up in metric system (centimeters), but the measuremensts are everywhere! converted and mentioned in imperial sizes (inches/yards). So the pattern is suitable for all English speakers.

After purchase the following PDF files can be downloaded:

– COSYNETTE Tutorial – English (42 pages)

– COSYNETTE Pattern Pieces Small – English (7 pages)

– COSYNETTE Pattern Pieces Medium – English (11 pages)

– COSYNETTE Pattern Pieces Large – English (13 pages)

– COSYNETTE Pattern Pieces A0 – English (1 page)


This is a PDF sewing pattern, not a finished bag.