Hey, hello reader, nice of you to drop by!

I’m Katrien, the woman behind KATRIENETTE. I am 47 years old, married to the man of my life, and mother of 3 teenage sons. And also the owner of a stubborn English Cocker Spaniel dog.

I love sewing, being creative and the feeling of being able to make something beautiful. You can always wake me up for a nice latte. (Me? A coffee addict? Where do you get that?) I also like to travel, chat with girlfriends and enjoy good food. Oh yeah, and buying fabrics! I can totally fall in love with a fabric. Because sewing and buying fabrics are two different hobby’s, aren’t they?

Enough about me now. Let me tell you how Katrienette started.
This website started in 2017, originally just as a blog to document and share my sewn pieces.

The more bags I sewed (and blogged), the more seamstresses I met, the more questions I was asked! And the more I started to explain and share my experiences. And then, all of a sudden, I was asked to give a bag sewing worskhop! I had never thought, planned or even dreamed about this, but that first workshop in January 2018 was the start of a second career. In 2018 I gave over 50 workshops, in 2019 over 60, and 2020 looked even more promising. Until March: Corona, with its lockdown, stopped all workshops.

Although both my professional and private world was turned upside down, I decided to take the time to work out an idea, namely creating my own first bag pattern. With my own experience in bag making, the many hacks and adjustments I did on existing patterns, and certainly all the questions, feedback and learning moments I had with the more than 1000 students in my workshops, made me more than ready for it! The Cosynette was my first pattern, released in Dutch and a great success. I received the most compliments about the extremely elaborate tutorial.

Meanwhile I translated the pattern. Also my website became, although not yet completely, bilingual. For the time being the English language website focusses on facilitating English speaking seamstresses to buy the publications and read the most recent blogposts.  And yes, more patterns will be released in the future.

For your information: If you want to see the other online content as well, you need to set the language button to Dutch. For example: the remaining (70) blog posts have Dutch texts, but because of the exceptionally large number of photos, they are also interesting for non-Dutch speakers. (And a translation button in some browsers will also help.)

Thank you so much for visiting my website! Feel free to look around. If you have any questions, doubts or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact me (in English, French, German or Dutch). You can follow me through various social media (see buttons upper right corner of this page). And who knows, maybe someday I can welcome you in the real world, too. I’d love to see you soon!