Yeah, so it’s come down to it: my first own bag pattern! A crossbody bag, practical and stylish.

I like an elegant handbag when we are visiting or going to a party. I like a practical travel bag or backpack for when we go out and about. Also for working or to protect my laptop I have a suitable bag. But for everyday life, I wear a crossbody!

My personal ideal model was already in my head for a long time. The process of drawing it out on paper was pretty fast. A first prototype was made. And then, then for months, nothing happened…

Then a virus came along, causing a lockdown. All workshops were suspended, and despite the hustle and bustle on the home front, the idea of releasing it as a pattern started to grow. I followed online courses for hours and days, including pattern drawing and all kinds of (for me) new programs. The pattern was drawn digitally! Yes, a first victory, that’s what it felt like. Some prototypes were sewn, the pattern refined and the different sizes worked out.

Then I decided to quickly write the manual 🙄. That “quickly” became a whole week of work, to draft the first rough version with over 5000 words. I went back to sewing, more prototypes. The work method and options were tested, the way to make the back pocket was adjusted. The rough text became a step-by-step plan. It started to take shape!

It was time for the real thing. Choosing fabrics (yoohoo 😍)! Sewing and photographing the final bags. This takes me many days, and I like to sew, but photographing before, during and/or after each step is very slowing down. With over 2500 photos as a result. In the evening I also worked on the tutorial: putting everything in a layout, general info, supplies, cutting instructions, interfacing instructions, etc… Finally: selecting, editing and adding the 200 photos in the photo tutorial.

And then, the pattern was ready to be released on a handful of testers. The call for testers was received by you all very enthusiastically! There were over 150 ladies who volunteered. I was totally flabbergasted 🤗. I found it so difficult to disappoint all those enthusiastic people! The test team is amazing! You might have read the quote: “my testers are the best!”, but in this case it really is. More about this in a separate blog post full of inspiring pictures of all their beautiful bags!

After this story I am very proud and happy to introduce the COSYNETTE to you!

cosynette bag pattern pattern bags crossbody shoulder bag sew sewing pattern patterns bag sew sewing bags manual tutorial photo picture photo photos

The bag comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and (yes) large. The small is perfect as a bring-the-basics bag, or also as a party bag. The medium is my bag for daily use, spacious enough but not too big. The large is for those who like to be well prepared. Or to whom their partner or children’s come to dump their stuff 😁.

Above all, I personnaly want a bag where my belongings are safely stowed away. Therefore, a zipper at the top is indispensable. The basic bag is suitable for novice seamstresses and is a quick and easy project. It has a fixed shoulder strap of webbing that you can tailor make. You have the option to add piping at the bottom.

As a first design option you have the option front flap. The flap closes with a magnet, and under the flap is a zippered pocket. This is quickly accessible but still closed and perfect for e.g. cards/badges, lip balm, pens and stuff like that. For the flap too, you have the option to add piping.

Do you have experience and can you work patiently and precisely? Then you can also go for the back pocket option. This handy pocket with hidden zipper at the back is perfect for quick storage of your smartphone or key. The zipper pull is neatly tucked away, so no holes in or sanding against your clothes.

Because you can already have a front and back pocket, the lining bag is simple. I like to finish the zipper tape with a metal zipper end and I prefer to place it inside the bag. But you may also want to keep it visible on the outside.

If you would like to know what you need to make this bag, you will find on the right the supplies you can download (in advance) for free. These are clearly described per size and per option. Also with breakdown per fabric width and even per unit of faux leather pre-cut sheet. You don’t need that much for this bag: a bit of fabric (remnants), a bit of interfacing (fusible woven and fusible fleece) and some haberdashery.

The pattern is for sale here in the webshop. That’s easily done in 2 minutes. Put the pattern in your shopping cart, proceed to checkout, (fill in your details if you don’t have an account yet), pay online and ready! After the purchase you can immediately download and save the files. JeYou can start right after.

It is available in PDF format. The pattern pieces are separate files. You can choose to print on A4/letter, then you have 1 file per size. The pattern parts are all to scale, including seam allowance, and all pattern pieces (including rectangles) are drawn. There is also a file with the pattern pieces layed out on one A0 sheet, where all sizes are spread out on 1 page (no overlaps). So just cut them out and you’re off.

A word about the tutorial, too. Just a quick word. Although the tutorial is very long 😀. Extraordinarily long, in fact. Extremely elaborate. With lots of explaining and tips: about cutting, interfacing and sewing. Super useful: there is a detailed step-by-step photo tutorial of 25 pages with over 200 photos. This is ideal for beginners! Advanced seamstresses can quickly go to work with the brief text. The total tutorial bundle is 42 pages, you can print it on A4/letter or just read it on your screen.

I also made a small cosynette as a party bag. The model with flap, but with the back in 1 piece (without webbing). I sewed that up in two hours. All you need is a little leftover fabric.

So, it feels weird to wrap up this blogpost. On the one hand, this project is now really completed. I have to pinch my cheeks, but I really designed and worked out my first bag pattern! And now that it’ s done, it feels like closure.

On the other hand, this is a new beginning, because now I can enjoy all your creations and versions! I’ve already enjoyed so much looking with pride at the wonderful bags the testers made. Every time I spotted a picture of a finished Cosynette it felt like a present! I hope I get many more presents like this!

Bring it on, those pictures with #cosynette and @katrienette 🤗.

Information Box
Pattern: Cosynette (Purchase pattern – English – digitaal pattern (PDF) – with photos – 3 sizes)

Sizes and options: – Pink bag: SMALL, option flap with piping – Light beige bag: SMALL with piping, option flap with piping (adjusted by using back in one piece) – Grey bag: MEDIUM, basic bag with piping, option back pocket – Taupe bag: MEDIUM, option flap, option back pocket – Dark green bag: LARGE with piping, option flap with piping, option back pocket

Supplies: available at Toverstof and at Ateljee Caro

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