Free pattern : glasses case Katrienette – English version

Hello world!  Upon request…  hereby the English version of the Glasses Case.


This blogpost will not be as elaborate as the Flemisch version.  That is my previous blogpost that you can find here.  You can discover lots of eye candy and 50+ pictures there, so feel free to take a look.  You may also run into a heap of explanations and information’s.  The texts are in Dutch, but with some browsers (like google chrome) you can have an automatic translation.  It’s not a perfect translation but it will give you a good idea of what I’m talking about.

Basically this post is only providing the English PDF-download link (see below).  Please forgive me for my basic English and possible glitches.  I do speak 4 languages, but none of them perfectly😬.

In the mean time I have been sewing some more glasses cases, so I’m thrilled to be able to give you some more inspiration. Enjoy!



The pattern: glasses case. FREE! From me, to YOU!

In this PDF file Pattern Glasses Case (free version) free PDF sewing pattern you will find: the supplies, the 4 pattern pieces (already on scale, so just cut and tape together), cutting instructions, reinforcement instructions, written step-by-step instructions and 3 photo pages with visual support.

Download the file and save it. Print on “100%” or “real size”, cut out the pattern, find some fabrics, read the instructions and you’re off!



Once again, please forgive me if the English isn’t perfect. I’m not a native speaker and tried to translate using the English sewing terminology I know.  If you notice any typo’s or (grammatical) errors, please be so kind to send me a message so that I can correct it. TIA!


If you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me (via the contact page, by e-mail, FB, IG, …) and it will be 🤗 my pleasure to help you out.


Now that I’m sending the pattern, so to speak, out into the world, I’m really, really, really, really (!) looking forward to seeing what versions you’re going to make! I would be delighted if I could admire your glasses cases. If you share, use #glassescasekatrienette and tag or link @Katrienette so that I can see it too. Big thank you in advance!





Information Box

Pattern: see link above

Materials used: all available at Toverstof

  • Exterior Fabrics: faux leather (soft grey with reliëf, cognac with reliëf) and vinyl (soft pink pyramid textured)
  • Lining Fabrics : Cottons

White with grey-ish grid : RICO Design Fabric Printed – Crafted Nature Collection – “Grey Checked, no 18866” |

Off-white with multicolour floral print : RICO Design Fabric Printed – Crafted Nature Collection – “Grey Flower Meadow Metallic, no. 18864” |

White with multicolour botanical and cheetah print : Cloud9 fabrics – Ethereal Jungle – “Jungle cats, no. 312101”

  • Interfacing: Fast2Fuse Heavy en Vilene/Vlieseline H640


P.S. In case you might wonder. I make my labels myself. It’s cheap and easy. You only need a stamp, ink and some washable paper/kraft-tex. And if you use the right ink and fixate it, the labels are washable and suitable for clothing too.  You can find a photo-tutorial here.  Texts are in Dutch also, but the pictures do speak for themselves and if not you can use the translator on your browser.  




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